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Essential Competencies


Description: These competencies identify the Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities for a trainee position while receiving assignments designed for development.

I. Staffing and Placement

A. Research
B. Data entry
C. Administrative processes and procedures
D. Basic staffing procedures

II. Recruitment

A. External recruitment
B. Assistance with recruitment plan

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Ability to perform data entry to process personnel actions in an automated data system

Ability to research rules, regulations, and policies for application to basic staffing procedures

Knowledge of basic staffing and placement

Basic knowledge of various special recruitment program requirements


Description: These competencies identify the Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities required to support a work unit's human resources program as an advanced trainee with a higher delegation of authority and with limited review.

I. Staffing and Placement

A. Information gathering
B. Analysis
C. Oral and written communications
D. Implementation of Merit Promotion Plan
E. Advisory services

II. Recruitment

A. Development of Recruitment Plan
B.Liaison between agency officials and faculty members, organizations' representatives
C. Coordination of Student Employment Program

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Knowledge of the principles, practices, and standard methodologies of recruitment, coupled with a knowledge of the Federal employment system to provide recruitment advisory services and job information covering a variety of appointing authorities and occupations

Knowledge of occupational characteristics of NPS occupations, organizational relationships, and staffing needs to develop and execute recruitment plans, recommend sources of recruitment, and provide advisory service on existing and projected needs

Knowledge of Federal and NPS policies, regulations, and procedures related to staffing, employment, and recruitment

Ability to use effective oral communications, above the basic level, to present ideas/explain material to a variety of audiences

Ability to analyze documents such as job applications or data from an automated system to arrive at a decision supportable by facts

Knowledge of various special recruitment program requirements to assist management in meeting affirmative employment goals and effectively implement recruitment plans for various occupations

Ability to establish a working relationship with outside agencies, organizations, entities to meet the established needs of each (such as placement of students, staffing needs)


Description: These competencies identify the Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities required to provide services for a full staffing and placement program for a work unit. Work is performed with full delegation of authority.

I. Staffing and Placement

A. Position management/organizational structure
B. Equal opportunity/affirmative action
C. Staffing options
D. Knowledge of affirmative action planning

II. Recruitment

A. Program management

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Advanced knowledge of staffing options, such as consultants appointment, Intergovernmental Personnel Act, etc.

Skill in integrating equal opportunity program goals into organization's staffing and recruitment goals

Skill in providing alternatives in the development of an organizational structure by using sound position management

Ability to provide leadership in managing a comprehensive outreach program

Ability to fully implement the Merit Promotion Plan

National Park Service
Training and Development Division
Essential Competencies

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