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Essential Competencies


Description: These competencies identify the Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities required to perform a wide variety of clerical tasks in personnel management. Work is performed under close supervision.

I. Processing

A. Variety of personnel forms
B. Variety of personnel actions
C. Maintaining various files, records, and guidelines
D. Timekeeping
E. Records and retrieves data/information

II. Advisory Services

None required at this level
III. Personnel management
None required at this level

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Basic knowledge of body of rules, procedures, and operations relevant to preparation, processing, and examination of personnel documents

Basic knowledge of employment authorities required for coding personnel documents

Knowledge of filing systems, posting procedures, and OPF filing procedures to ensure documents are properly filed and can be efficiently retrieved

Knowledge of basic Federal timekeeping procedures, rules, and policies

Knowledge of office automation software processing procedures to execute basic office automation functions


Description: These competencies identify the Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities required to perform a variety of substantive technical tasks in personnel management. Work is performed with a higher degree of independence and with oversight review.

I. Processing

A. Wide range of transactions with proper application of laws, rules, and regulations in the major areas of personnel management
II. Advisory Services
A. Technical advice on pay and leave administration
B. Technical advice in the regulatory and procedural requirements for personnel actions
C. Advice, counseling, assistance on basic employee benefits
D. Reviews recommendations for incentive/performance awards
E. Guidance on performance evaluations process

III. Personnel Management

A. Position classification for limited series/grades
B. External recruitment
C. Applicant Supply File procedures
D. Training activities

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Practical knowledge of guidance contained in Departmental Manual, NPS policies, regulations, and procedures to provide substantive support of the personnel program

Practical knowledge of rules, regulations, and procedures used to accomplish various basic personnel functions including classification, staffing, employee development and limited employee relations to provide accurate advice

Knowledge of guidance used by personnel specialist in major areas of personnel management to effectively assist them in their areas of specialization

Knowledge of employee benefit programs' rules, regulations, procedures, contents, options sufficient to provide advice to employees and supervisors


Description: These competencies identify the Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities required to perform a wide variety of technical assistance work with higher delegation of authority and limited review.

I. Processing

A.Interpretation and application of laws, regulations, and policies pertaining to pay administration and timekeeping

II. Advisory services

A. Administration of benefits programs
B. Recruitment options (meeting organization needs, affirmative action goals)
C. Retirement counseling
D. Advice, counsel, and assistance to supervisors and employees on employee relations, training programs, performance appraisal procedures
III. Personnel Management
A. Technical assistance work in support of Personnel Specialists
B. Coordination of merit promotion program/panels

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Knowledge of rules, regulations, and policies, relating to classification, staffing, employee relations, employee development to act as a technical assistant in a wide range of complex situations

Knowledge of regulations, guidelines, manuals as they apply to the functional areas of appointment action, rating systems, merit promotion plan, pay administration, leave administration, and position classification

Knowledge of functions to understand the ramifications of classification, staffing appraisal, and career development to provide technical assistance to all units

Skill in dealing with employees, supervisors, and the public in a manner to explain and gain acceptance of personnel procedures and requirements

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Essential Competencies

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