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Essential Competencies


Description: These competencies identify the Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities required in a trainee position for managing a property program. Work is performed with assignments designed for development.

I. Property Management

A. Utilization of automated system (PROP)
B. Accountable/sensitive property
C. Assistance in annual inventory
D. Assistance in acquisition/disposal

II. Motor Vehicle Management

A. Coordination for GSA lease/replacement
B. Coordination GSA vehicle maintenance

III. Government Quarters Management

A. Housing assignments
B. Utilization of automated system (HOUSE)

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Basic knowledge of Federal property regulations and NPS guidelines and procedures

Ability to use the automated system (PROP) for inputting property and disposal of property

Basic knowledge of lease vehicle acquisition procedures

Basic knowledge of Departmental and NPS housing management guidelines

Ability to use the automated system (HOUSE) to input rental rates


Description: These competencies identify the Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities necessary to assist in organizing, planning and directing a property management program. Work is performed as an advanced trainee.

I. Property Management

A. Review of accountability records
B. Monitor/control inventory management reports
C. Management inventory control records
D. Board of Survey
E. Excess property
F. Sale contracts/surplus property disposal

II. Motor Vehicle Management

A. Coordination of vehicle requirements
B. Coordination of fuel use/credit card program

III. Government Quarters Management

A. Management housing budget

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

In-depth knowledge of Federal, Departmental, and NPS property management regulations, policies and procedures

Broad knowledge of acquisition concepts and techniques, property utilization and management, inventory management, supply identification.

Broad knowledge of survey, disposal and accounting methods

Detailed knowledge of principles and methods of supply management to provide technical assistance for overall supply operations

Ability to track funds

Ability to coordinate a vehicle fleet to meet requirements of work unit

Ability to conduct a Board of Survey

Ability to prepare sale contracts to dispose of surplus property


Description: These competencies identify the Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities required to plan, organize, develop and direct a property management program.

I. Property Management

A. Property accountability (fixed and personal)
B. Interpretation of polices, regulations, and laws
C.Conducts studies/reviews
D.Advises on equipment approval, replacement, or transfer
E. Receipt/review incoming Construction Completion Reports
F. Determination of land acreage and assets to be capitalized
G. Reconciles real property records with General Ledger

II. Motor Equipment Management

A. Administration of motor vehicle fleet
B.Obtains additional or replacement vehicles
C.Cross-service agreements

III. Government Quarters Management

A. Recommends acquisition, construction, or replacement
B.Coordination of scheduled and/or requested repair/rehab
C.Verification of rental rates
D.Establishment of net monthly rental charge

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Thorough knowledge of space management, motor vehicle management, property management, real property terminology

Thorough knowledge of real estate appraisal process, real property terminology, legal descriptions including types and styles of structures, component parts of utilities systems, and classes of roads and trails

Knowledge of quarters management procedures, setting rates, appraisal process, nd utility rate surveys

Mathematical ability to direct the proration of land and improvements costs based on appraisal values and final consideration paid; proration of costs for motor vehicle fleet; conversion of square footage or yardage of roads/trails and parking areas

Knowledge of General Ledger and Cost Accounts and processes used to effect debit/credit entries in general and subsidiary ledgers

Knowledge of Federal Property Management regulations and Federal Procurement Regulations

Knowledge of accounts maintenance to recognize erroneous ledger entries and to direct reconciliation of records

Ability to interpret and apply policy, regulations and laws

National Park Service
Training and Development Division
Essential Competencies

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