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Essential Competencies


Description: These competencies identify the Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities required to perform various clerical functions to include typing and reviewing various documents, serving as the office receptionist, maintaining files systems, maintaining appointments and calendars, and administrative duties. Work is completed under close supervision and review.

I. Office Management

A. Role of office assistant
B. Correspondence procedures and processes
C. Office machine operation
D. Utilization of software applications

II. Support Services

A. Incoming/outgoing mail
B. Files/records disposition
C. Duplicating services

III. Administrative Support

A. Timekeeping
B. Data/information input
C. Administrative forms
D. Regulatory guidelines
E. Travel documents

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Knowledge of the organizational functions and procedures of the park/area/office

Knowledge of filing systems and references

Knowledge of correspondence procedures

Skill in using various software systems, i.e., word processing

Ability to operate office machines, i.e. fax, copier

Knowledge of mailing techniques

Knowledge of office practices

Basic knowledge of timekeeping procedures

Ability to complete basic travel documents following established guidelines

Ability to follow guidelines/procedures for the preparation of administrative forms


Description: These competencies identify the Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities required to perform general office support by reviewing and routing incoming mail, drafting replies, providing information, developing calendars, producing documents in final format, providing technical supervision to limited staff, full range of files management, utilization of advanced hardware/

software applications, and tracking of budgets. Work is completed with limited supervision/review.

I. Office Management

A. Role of office manager
B. Sorts, calculates, retrieves data
C. Production of documents utilizing varied/advanced software applications

II. Support Services

A. Printing services
B. Receipt of supplies/forms
C. Tracking inventories/supplies
D. Records security

III. Administrative Support

A. Basic Federal/NPS budget processes
B. Secures statistical data/information and inputs into database or spreadsheet files
C. Analyze data
D. Procurement methods
E. Travel regulations

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Ability to organize, edit, and prepare various documents using varied and advanced software applications

Knowledge of basic Federal/NPS budget processes

Ability to track budgets, inventories/supplies using database programs, i.e., FFS, AFSII

Ability to facilitate all types of printing services for a variety of documents and publications

Knowledge of basic Federal travel regulations

Ability to research and interpret guidelines/procedures to initiate and prepare various administrative forms

Knowledge of records security guidelines and procedures

Knowledge of records management procedures and guidelines


Description: These competencies identify the Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities required to serve as a confidential assistant by personally handling requests for information, resolving concerns and complaints, serving as a liaison between the park/office/area and representatives from other entities, and providing technical assistance to clerical support staff, using advanced software applications, analysis of printing/duplicating services, forecasting/planning for varying mails and files requirements. Assignments are completed with limited review. Most assignments are completed by the design of the employee.

I. Office Management

A. Role of confidential assistant
B. Problem solving/diplomacy
C. Technical assistance
D. Integrating a variety of automation software
E. Development of guidelines and procedures for clerical staff

II. Support Services

A. Forecasting/planning for major mailing requirements
B. Analysis of printing/duplicating services
C. Records management system

III. Administrative Support

A. Budget formulation

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Ability to maintain good working relationship with a diverse workforce, customers, visitors

Ability to lead and provide instruction to a clerical support staff

Ability to maintain confidentiality

Skill in problem-solving, and managing change

Knowledge of external agencies' requirements, i.e., Postal Service, National Archives Records Center, and their effect upon internal mails/files operations

Ability to use office automation systems to perform nonstandard assignments

Skill in operating a computer terminal, personal computer, word processor to produce documents requiring the use and integration of advanced software functions in two or more software types

Ability to analyze and plan for printing/duplicating services, i.e., equipment, sources, methods

Ability to develop a budget for an office/small operations

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Essential Competencies

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