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Computer-Based Training
Computer-based training (CBT) is a cost-effective means of delivering high quality training
to National Park Service employess. The NPS Training and Development Program has selected
NETg as a computer-based training provider offering hundreds of courses including official
computer study guides (such as Microsoft and Netscape including certification exams), as
well as so-called "soft skills" (such as writing skills, leadership, customer service and
conflict resolution), skills that enhance the knowledge of the workforce. NETg uses
Internet technology to deliver this training which you and/or yoru employee can receive
right from your own worksite, as needed.

Computer-based training licenses are available on a "first-come, first-serve" basis.
The category of subjects includes Desktop Computing, Personal Skills, Microsoft
Office 97/98/2000, including MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Access and other word
processing, spreadsheet and graphics software. In addition, there are business writing
and communication courses, negotiation training, leadership, customer service, meeting
presentation, EO, team building and more. Once you obtain a license, you can take as
many courses as needed.

This computer-based trianing is delivered through the Internet. Employees will download
the training modules to their personal computer at their worksite. To access the CBT server,
they must have an account ID and password. An 800-telephone number and e-mail services
provide user support. The NETg Website can be assessed for descriptions of courses available.

Contact your Career Field Training Manager or Regional Employee Development Officer for
additional information.

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Created: February 2, 2005
Author: Katrina Fritts