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Front entrance of Albright Training Center, taken April 2009

Horace M. Albright Training Center,
located within Grand Canyon National Park


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Welcome to the Horace M. Albright Training Center! Originally established in 1957 at Yosemite National Park, the training center moved to its current location in Grand Canyon National Park six years later.

As one of the primary training facilities of the National Park Service, Albright Training Canter is a part of a team dedicated to NPS employee training and development. We hope that after attending a training course here, you will feel a part of our team as well.

The nine-acre campus is within a mile stroll of the Grand Canyon's South Rim. It's an amazing environment for employees to learn about the NPS and its mission, this unit of the National Park System, and themselves.

From the staff of
Horace M. Albright Training Center

The Center is named after Horace M. Albright, the second director of the National Park Service. Albright created a vision of agency ideals to accomplish the NPS mission,
planting the seeds for future preservation and public service. He spent seventeen years with the NPS, leaving a legacy of devotion, service expansion and preservation.


The training center completed renovations in 2006 that upgraded technology, 

energy efficiency, classroom capability, and reconstruction of student residences. Nearly half a century after the ribbon was first cut, the Albright Training Center

continues the tradition of preparing a dedicated, effective National Park Service

workforce for the future.


What We Do

The Albright Training Center is the primary training facility for new permanent NPS employees. Our hosted programs include the NPS Fundamentals program.

These facilities are available for use by organizations outside of Albright in accordance with NPS Policies and Director’s Orders for use and occupancy. Contact Albright for availability and rates.


Grand Canyon National Park

The Albright Training Center is located within the Grand Canyon National Park. Visit the Grand Canyon NP web site for information regarding this area.


How To Contact Us

      Horace M. Albright Training Center
      PO Box 477 (use this address when shipping USPS)
      1 Albright Avenue (use this address when shipping Fed ex or UPS)
      Grand Canyon, AZ  86023
      Phone: 928.638.7981
      Fax: 928.638.2953















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