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When entering employment with the National Park Service, understanding how the organization functions can be overwhelming.  Are all parks the same?  How is the work divided?  How are the sites managed?  What do the different divisions do?  You may be curious about your own site, or how you fit into the regional or national scene.

The information provided on this website contains the essentials of how the National Park Service manages the entire system to accomplish its mission.  Reading through each topic gives an overview at the most basic level with opportunities to link to more in-depth, specific information.

NPS Essentials is one of three components of the NPS Fundamentals training program. For those who have enrolled and been accepted to the NPS Fundamentals training program, it is your responsibility to familiarize yourself to each essential topic. This foundational knowledge not only prepares you for your online modules and for your residential training at Horace Albright Training Center, it will be a handy reference tool for your entire career.

Administration, Business Operations and IT Federal Budget Operations at the National Level Safety and Wellness
Commercial Services Interpretation and Education Partnerships Stewardship
Volunteers Law and Policy Planning Teamwork
Working with Other Agencies Networking Relevency, Diversity, and Inclusion Visitor and Resource Protection
Facilities Management NPS Culture Resource Management

Feel free to read through the NPS Essential topics before or at the same time you are working on your Online Modules. Once finished with the Online Modules and after familiarizing yourself with the topics of NPS Essentials, you are ready to enroll for your residential course at Horace Albright Training Center located at Grand Canyon National Park.

Please note: You are only enrolled into the residential training after receiving a confirmation email from the Fundamentals program. Do not make any travel arrangements prior to receipt of this email. Never pay for travel with personal funds.