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RSK001 Bureau Orientation and Administration
Knowledge of government and bureau and organization and function, bureau philosophy and mission, diversity, and workers' compensation.

RSK002 Standards, Regulations and Procedures
Knowledge of safety, health and fire codes, hazard recognition, inspection and survey techniques, accident investigation, accident recording and reporting, D0-50 and 485 OM, basic industrial hygiene techniques, ergonomics, personal protective equipment.

RSK003 Safety Management
Knowledge of safety/risk management, regulatory compliance; laws and regulations.

RSK004 Communication (Basic)
Uses interpersonal communication skills, writes basic reports and instructions, uses computer skills.

RSK005 Training and Development
Knowledge of basic instruction skills. Ability to prepare instructional materials and conduct informal workplace instruction.

RSK006 Standards, regulations and procedures
Ability to analyze safety codes and standards, assess and abate hazards, perform specialized inspection techniques, perform statistical analysis of accidents, knowledge of industrial hygiene techniques and methods. Knowledge of applied ergonomics. Ability to read blueprints and analyze designs.

RSK007 Safety Management
Knowledge of advance safety and risk management. Ability to conduct and promote safety activities and awareness for the workplace.

RSK008 Communication (Advanced)
Advanced knowledge of computer skills, ability to speak in public, ability to negotiate and ability organize and manage meetings.

RSK009 Training and Development
Ability to organize conferences and training events. Ability to research, prepare, and organize educational materials and techniques. Ability to conduct training sessions on safety and occupational health, accident prevention, and technical safety practices.

RSK010 Standards, Regulations, and Procedures
Ability to appear as a witness as necessary. Interpret and advise on corrections to designs and blueprints on safety, fire safety, and occupational health issues. Recognized as technical authority on safety and occupational health standards and regulations.

RSK011 Safety Management
Ability to advise management on any aspect of a safety and occupational health and risk management program. Formulate and provide recommendations to management on hazard control and abatement. Ability to recommend to management program changes and modifications to existing safety and occupational health program.

RSK012 Workers' Compensation
Knowledge of standards, laws, and guidelines. Ability to examine claims. Knowledge of compensation insurance theory and practice. Basic knowledge of workers' compensation case management, investigation, statistics and medical reports.

RSK013 Workers' Compensation
Ability to assist employees with the Office of Workers' Compensation Program process and to reenter the workforce.

RSK014 Workers' Compensation
Ability to negotiate with management and with employee representatives regarding workers' compensation.

RSK015 Safety Inspections
Knowledge of safety, health and fire codes. Ability to recognize safety hazards, Ability to inspect and survey workplace.