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Recreation & Conservation Programs

Technical Assistance


REC0104 Producing Publications
Prepares materials for publication (for example, determines layout and design of materials, selects illustrations, recommends methods of reproduction or binding).

REC0203 Public Involvement and Facilitation
Ability to facilitate and lead groups through a constructive process towards attaining a desired goal.

REC0301 Outdoor Recreation
Knowledge of the priniciples of outdoor recreation planning, park planning, park facility development, and recreation trends and issues. REC0302 Natural Resource Conservation Knowledge of ecology and the principles of protecting natural resources

REC0303 Cultural Resource Conservation
Knowledge of historic preservation techniqes, including the provisions of the National Historic Preservation Act

REC0304 River Cooridor Conservation
Understanding of: stream ecology, fluvial geomorphology; and hydrology; river corridor conservation techniques; Federal laws that affect river conservation.

REC0305 Trail Cooridor Conservation
Knowledge of trail planning, design, construction, and maintenance, as well as Federal laws that affect trail planning.

REC0306 Resource Inventory, Analysis and Assessment
Knowledge of how to conduct natural, cultural, recreational, and tourism resource inventories.

REC0307 Recreation, City or Land Use Planning
Understanding of the principles of urban and regional planning; familiarity with State and local land use regulation and ordinances.

REC0308 Land Trusts
Understand the principles of land trusts.

REC0310 Conservation Education
Knowledge and abilities related to conservation education. REC0311 Government land acquisition, mgmt, and disposal Land acquisition

REC0312 Integration of Cons and Recreation Strategies
Ability to work at the local, State and federal levels to integrate conservation and recreation strategies into planning processes.

REC0402 Managing Technical Assistance Projects
Ability to manage technical assistance projects

REC0404 Grant Development, Review, Processing, and Mngt
Knowledge of grant, development, review, processing and management.

REC0406 Policy Formulation
Knowledge of policy formulation and implementation.