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OPMG089 Partnering (Leadership)
Develops networks and builds alliances, engages in cross-functional activities; collaborates across boundaries, and finds common ground with a widening range of stakeholders. Utilizes contacts to build and strengthen internal support bases.

PAR01 Consensus Building
Raises issues, seeks to understand other's views, and then cooperatively, often through compromise, develops an agreed upon resolution.

PAR02 Facilitation
Carries out a set of functions or activities that enables others to selfmanage to meet common objectives. Provides non-directive leadership to help others arrive at decisions that are its task. Assists and guides without controlling.

PAR03 Collaborative Leadership
Enables people to join together from different units or organizations to accomplish a task that none of them could accomplish individually; leads as a peer, not a superior. Encourages and facilitates cooperation, pride, trust, and group identity; fosters commitment and team spirit towards mission accomplishment; works with others to achieve goals and realize a sense of shared accomplishment.

PAR04 Leveraging Partnerships
Builds the sense of a team and culture that understands the importance of partnership work, embraces the value added by doing work in collaboration with others, and continually acknowledges the importance of each entityA(.s contributions to the partnership. Transforms individualism into shared stewardship towards achieving NPS mission. Reinforces the importance of partnerships through words and actions.

PAR05 Partner Culture Awareness
Acknowledges, understands, respects, and communicates respective partnersAi, cultures that are based upon missions, practices, people, governing values, traditions, financial capacity, and institutional histories. Finds ways that partnersAi, cultures can contribute to strengthen the mutual endeavor; values the differences and finds ways to integrate these differences into a workable operating culture for the overall partnership.

PAR06 Partnership Management
Knowledge of the principles, methods, and procedures related to establishing, nurturing, maintaining, evaluating, sustaining, troubleshooting, and dissolving partnerships towards NPS mission accomplishment.

PAR07 Community Collaboration
Identifies, engages, and works collaboratively with communities of place (which are tied to physical space through geography), communities of identity (which are tied to each other through social characteristics but may transcend place) and communities of interest. Such collaborations mutually benefit the community while fulfilling the NPS mission by protecting park resources and values and fostering long-term stewardship.

PAR08 Developing and Managing Agency Agreements for Partnerships
Knowledge of the concepts, policies, and practices related to NPS partnership agreements and authorities including agreement development, essential components, monitoring, evaluating, and terminating. Understands the role of and works effectively with NPS Contracting and Procurement and Solicitor's Office to develop and manage agreements.

PAR09 Collaborating with Gateway Communities
Understands the social, political, economic and symbiotic role that parks and gateway communities play in each others' identities and livelihoods. Collaborates with Gateway Communities to protect and enhance the natural, cultural, and visual resources of parks and gateway communities.

PAR10 Establishing and Working With Friends Groups
Knowledge of the concepts, policies, and practices needed to establish and sustain a viable partnership with a Friends Group to meet jointly developed goals.

PAR11 Donations and Fundraising Partnerships
Knowledge of the concepts, policies, and practices related to donations and fundraising partnerships in the NPS including appropriate donation uses and types, authorities, role of NPS and partners, ethical considerations, challenges, funds accountability, annual recording, fund raising campaigns, donor recognition. Uses this knowledge to collaborate with various sources of the philanthropic and grant making communities to leverage funds towards achieving NPS mission.