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Legislative Affairs


LGS0001 Legislative Process
The legislative process beyond "how a bill becomes a law' and the understanding of the role of an executive branch bureau in the process.

LGS0003 LegislativefTestimony Drafting and Review
Working knowledge of the NPS role in drafting preparing testimony and ability to comment on referrals.

LGS0004 Legislative Research
Basic knowledge of research techniques useful in legislative affairs work.

LGSOOOS Congressional and Staff Relations
Working knowledge of current NPS field area issues and proposals to respond to Congressional and central office inquires.

LGS0006 Congressional Structure and Make-Up
Working knowledge of the committees with jurisdiction over the NPS and their membership

LGS0007 Field and Program Relations
Knowledge of the variety of area field units, programs, and NPS field area organizationa structure.

LGS0008 Political Awareness/Sensitivity
Understanding of the political sensitivity behind agency issues so as to respond to inquiries accordingly.

LGS0009 Current Mandates and Existing Authorities
Working knowledge with the variety of authorities that constitute the legal framework of the National Park System and its management.

LGS0010 Legislative Program Development and Strategy
Knowledge of the legislative support data package and the process of the call for legislative proposals and strategy planning foe handling of legislative proposals.

LGS011 Appropriations Process
Working knowledge of the appropriations process and formulation of the federal budget and its impact on authorizing legislation.

LGS1001 Legislative Coordination and Clearance
Working knowledge of the complexities behind legislative clearance.