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LAQ1000 Land Surveys
The application of the concepts, principles and techniques of surveying, including underlying mathematics, in combination with federal and state land survey law.

LAQ1001 Land Title/Land Records
Federal and state real estate law as it relates to ownership, boundaries and conveyancing including research of public records to determine same.

LAQ1 002 Legal And Land Acquisition Documents
The preparation, processing and reviewing of all documents necessary for the acquisition or disposal of real property.

LAQ1003 Legal Descriptions
The compilation of assorted descriptions for the acquisition of real property interests.

LAQ1004 Mapping
Drafting of new or revised land status and special purpose maps as well as other related catographic products.

LAQ1 005 Records Management and Reports
Maintenance if the Management Information System for land acquisition . Reports initiated to document status of land acquisition program for various purposes including budget preparation. Establishment and maintenance of a tract file system from file initiation to retirement of the file to the Federal Archives.

LAQ1006 Realty
Knowledge of real estate laws, principals, and practices necessary for the acquisition or disposal of real property.

LAQ1008 Appraiser
Possessing the technical knowledge and skill in the application of the principles, practices and techniques ofland valuation, appraisals and appraisals reviews.

LAQ1009 Cartographic Technician
Knowledge in the practices, methods and techniques involved in the preparation of new or revision of of existing maps and related cartographic products and the preparation of legal descriptions.

LAQ1010 Land Surveyor
Ability to establish, investigate, and restablish property boundaries, and prepare plats and legal descriptions for tracts of land.