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EDU0270 Presenting Curriculum-based Education Programs (EDU)
Requires the interpreter to effectively present a curriculum-based program to an organized group that has a structured plan for learning. By connecting the group's learning objectives to the meanings/significance of park resources, the program helps the group meet its learning objectives and helps the park meet its primary mission of resource preservation. The program facilitates opportunities for the audience to make their own intellectual and emotional connections to the meanings/significance of the resource, through eh cohesive development of a relevant idea or ideas.

EDU0370 Developing Curriculum-based Programs and Services
Developing curriculum-based programs and services involves identifying a group with curriculum-based needs and defined educational objectives; working with them to develop a role in meeting those needs and objectives; determining potential connections to park resources and interpretive themes related to those objectives; working with group leaders; developing a sequence of experiences; providing learning and interpretive opportunities within those experiences; applying proper techniques for the type and age of the group; and evaluating the program's effectiveness.