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Concession Management


CON0001 Legal Framework
An understanding of the systems, structures and specific legal issues that govern concession oversight and management and relationship with contracted entities. Understanding the differences between operational requirements that drive the government and private businesses.

CON0002 General Management Techniques
The techniques and abilities to relate to visitors and their needs, including negotiation techniques, public relations, team building and supervisory and leadership skills that contribute to effective interactions with NPS employees and with other corporate businesses and their employees.

CON0003 Accounting, Financial Analysis and Feasiblity
An understanding of basic bookkeeping/accounting and their applications in hospitality operations.

CON0004 Hospitality Industry
Understanding general business principles, terms and key operational featuires and financial issues related to various visitor services provided in national parks and the role and responsibilties of NPS in facilitating commercial visitor services through private business operatiors.

CON0005 Program Management
NPS personnel must possess knowledge of NPS Programs that impact Concesson Management as well knowledge of Concession Programs and be able to apply both in the development and administration of concession contracts.

CON0006 Communication
Effective oral and written communication is essential in Concession Management

CON0007 Interpersonal Skills/Human Relations
This competency relates to interrelationships in the work environment.