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    Learning and Development operates three Training Centers: the Horace Albright Training Center at the Grand Canyon, the Historic Preservation Training Center near Frederick, MD and the Stephen Mather Training Center in Harpers Ferry, WV.

    Horace M. Albright Training Center
    1 Albright Avenue
    Grand Canyon, AZ, 86023
    Phone: (928) 638-7981

    The Albright Training Center is a primary training facility for Servicewide Employee Learning and Development. Assigned programs include the NPS Fundamentals program. The Center is named after Horace M. Albright, the second director of the National Park Service. Albright created a vision of agency ideals to accomplish the NPS mission, planting the seeds for future preservation and public service. He spent seventeen years with the NPS leaving a legacy of devotion, service expansion, and preservation. The training center completed renovations in 2006 that upgraded technology, energy efficiency, classroom capability, and reconstruction of student residences. Nearly half a century after the ribbon was first cut, the Albright Training Center continues the tradition of preparing a dedicated, effective National Park Service workforce for the future.

    Horace M. Albright Training Center Website

    Stephen T. Mather Training Center
    51 Mather Place
    Harpers Ferry, WV, 25425
    Phone: (304) 535-6215

    The Stephen T. Mather Training Center develops and hosts training programs and learning opportunities for a large segment of the NPS workforce. From this facility, the NPS Career Academy program, the NPS Distance Learning Center, and the DOI Learn program are directed by training and program managers. Situated on the campus of the former Storer College, the Center enjoys a partnership with Harpers Ferry Center, Harpers Ferry National Historical Park, the Potomac Heritage Trail, and the Appalachian Trail Office.

    Historic Preservation Training Center
    4801A Urbana Pike
    Frederick, MD, 21704
    Phone: (301) 663-8206

    The Historic Preservation Training Center (HPTC) is dedicated to the safe preservation and maintenance of national parks or partner facilities by demonstrating outstanding leadership, delivering quality preservation services, and developing educational courses that fulfill the competency requirements of Service employees in the career fields of Historic Preservation Skills, Risk Management, Maintenance, and Planning, Design, and Construction.

    Historic Preservation Training Center Website

    Distance Learning Team
    51 Mather Place
    Harpers Ferry, WV 25425

    The Distance Learning (DL) Team provides both staffing and technology in support of the NPS Distance Learning Program for the Learning and Development community and the Regional Employee Development Officers (EDOs). Our capabilities include support of live and broadcast training events, development of online training courses, training needs evaluation and assessments for maximizing DL efficiencies and integration with other learning or blended learning, and the utilization and training on use of various DL distribution technologies such as WebEx, Adobe Connect, Livestream, virtual classroom technologies, gamification as well the use of various electronic and mobile technologies that can be used for learning.

    Any time, any place = Distance Learning

    Distance Learning Center Website (Internal website)

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