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    The New Supervisor Development Program (NSDP) is designed to equip supervisors with the knowledge and skills necessary to supervise NPS employees. This program is for new supervisors in their 12-month probationary period and satisfies the 40-hour supervisory training requirement. The NSDP includes on-line modules and a Supervisory Skills Workshop.

    The The New Division Chief Leadership Development Program (NDCLDP) is designed for new Division Chiefs within the first two years of assignment. Focus is on enhancing a new Division Chief’s ability to be an effective member of a management team. The NDCLDP uses a blended-learning approach consisting of residential and distance-learning courses over a six-month period. The NDCLDP pilot program rolled out in FY 14. New cohorts will be recruited in FY15.

    The New Superintendent Academy (NSA) is a comprehensive leadership development program for newly-assigned Superintendents in their first superintendency. Superintendents participate in self-directed and group-based learning over a 12- to 18-month period.

    Federal Executive Institute - The Federal Executive Institute (FEI) helps senior government leaders improve the performance of their organizations. The the FEI programs, Senior Executive Service and GS-15 executives learn to

    • Better serve the people of the United States in accordance with the Constitution.
    • Build networks with other senior executives across the government.
    • Gain insights that will improve leadership performance.
    • Establish a leadership legacy that supports the organization's mission for years to come.

    National Park Service call for nominations yearly. WASO, Leadership Development Program offers four (4) scholarships yearly.

    Albright Wirth Grant - The Horace M. Albright-Conrad L. Wirth Grant Program is a developmental opportunity that annually awards funding for personal and career development projects to NPS employees. To be eligible for an AWG, an NPS employee must have three cumulative years of work experience with NPS. he AWGP is funded by the National Park Foundation and administered by the NPS, WASO Office of Learning and Development, Leadership Development Program. Albright Wirth Grant SharePoint site

    Kennedy Fellowship Program - The Roger Kennedy Fellowship Program is a graduate-level certificate program through the Environmental Resources Policy Program in the Columbian College of Arts and Science at The George Washington University.

    The fellowship is designed to help prepare current and future NPS leaders who are responsible for the preservation and protection of our public lands and cultural heritage. The fellowship is funded by the Friends of Roger Kennedy and the program was inspired from a gift from previous Director Roger Kennedy and wife Frances Kennedy. For more information on the program please go to GWU’s website or contact Lisa Matarazzo,

    • To be eligible for the Kennedy Fellowship Graduate Certificate Program, an NPS employee must be a permanent employee and have three cumulative years of NPS work experience.
    • Admission into the certificate program is a two-tiered review. The first level of review is by a NPS Review Committee and the second level of review is conducted by the CCAS Admissions Committee.