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    All Regions have someone serving as an Employee Development Officer (EDO) at least in a collateral duty capacity. While each Region may assign some unique duties to their EDO, there is a core set of work that most EDO’s perform. This includes:
    • Advising managers on how to effectively address challenges through training-related solutions.
    • Scheduling training to meet Region-wide training needs in a variety of areas (i.e., supervisory training, COR/ATR training, IDP training, etc.).
    • Helping employees and parks locate necessary training and helping them access training-related resources.
    • Assisting employees with career planning and IDP preparation.
    • Answering policy-related questions on training and advising parks on how to find and pay for training.
    • To the extent possible, inputting training into DOI Learn, assisting customers in the use of DOI Learn, pulling reports out of the system and tracking mandatory training.
    • Teaching classes and running programs that further Regional goals, such as Phase II Supervisory Training, Mentoring Programs, etc.
    • Maintaining a Training Calendar.
    • Assisting WASO L&D with programs like the New Supervisor Development Program and New Division Chief Leadership Development Program. This includes identifying Regional candidates to participate in these programs, explaining the requirements of the programs to the target audience, and answering questions on the programs.

    Alaska Region
    John Bryant

    Harpers Ferry Center
    Lisa Sullivan

    Intermountain Region
    Graham Smith

    Midwest Region
    Melissa Heiser

    National Capital Region
    Erin Noojibail

    Northeast Region
    Mariah Cisse

    Pacific West Region
    Susan R. Mical
    Human Resources Officer
    Chief, Workforce Management

    Southeast Region
    Kimberlee Suber

    Brigitte Keels