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“What you learn intellectually lies in the shallow pools among the wrinkles of
your brain. What you learn through the skin of experience sinks deep into
your roots."

-Hank Haft-

Research, Trends and DataPeople wearing Native American Head Dress

To better serve our visitors through partners, the Office of Tourism stays abreast to research, trends and data that are relevant to tourism. By using this information, parks and partners stay current and increase their knowledge of consumer preferences, travel patterns, and new opportunities. Use this page as a resource to gain a comprehensive understanding of tourism and how it relates to the NPS Strategic Tourism Plan.

If you are interested in finding out how many people visit national parks, the NPS Visitation Database Reports has statistically recorded the number of visits including camping.

In planning your trip, the Public Use Statistics Office links to AAA's fuel cost calculator. The University of Texas offers a digital collection of NPS unit maps: United States National Parks and Monument maps. Most and least visited park units: Natural Parks Traveler. The US National Parks & Monuments Travel Guide offers information on geologic formations, natural sciences on biodiversity, general info on fees, and lodging.

Review the economic contribution of parks to communities: Click on the first item in the document list below."

Economic Analysis: Real Direct Tourism Output

Demographic Analysis: "Do We Change Our Behaviors As We Get Older? An Investigation On The Variations Of Travel Behaviors Across Different Age."

Re: Lesser Known Parks, "Measuring Probabilities in Attraction Visitors" -A statistical argument for why the pulling power of Grand Canyon NP can help Petrified Forest NP.

Case Study: Park City, Utah 's Successful Combination of Tourism and Recreation Equals Healthy Economic Development

TIA and American Express
conducted a study of consumer motivations for travel called the Ideal Vacation Trip. Study slides are found below under Documents.

GAO Report (2006) on Park Operation and Funding Trends


National Park Lover
Traveler Sentiment Index
Your Travel Choice Makes a Difference
U.S. Travel Outlook


National Parks 2011 Visitation Outllook

White Paper produced by NPS Sustainable Tourism Office

Cultural Tourism

White Paper produced by Hargrove International

Civil War Anniverary and Marketing Opportuniites

White Paper authored by U.S. Travel Association and NPS

Advertising, Publications and New Media - How to keep it all in the mix

Powerpoint presented by Lynn Carpenter from California Travel and Tourism Commission

Outllook on International Tourism

Powerpoint by U.S. Department of Commerce (OTTI)

The "Greening of Travel": Status Report on Climate Change and Beyond

Prepared by USTA (formerly TIA)

Marketing to Arican American and Hispanic Communities

A Southeast Tourism Society presentation 2010

Profile of Hispcanic/Latino Leisure Travelors

Prepared by USTA (formerly TIA) 2008 Edition

Economic Impact of Parks (pdf)

MGM2 (Money Generating Model) for 2007

Online Booking Trends in 2008 (pdf)

Posting by Orbitz via "Tourism Tidbits"

TIA Ideal Vacation Study (pdf)

Consumer Motivations for Trip Planning

Secondary Research on NPS Visitation & Outdoor Rec Trends (pdf)

Tourism Partner Eugene Dilbeck, Dean, University of Denver Daniels College of Business Collected Relevant Academic Studies for IMR

Youth Alternatives to Parks/Outdoor Recreation (pdf)

Pergams & Zaradic find a correlation between declining park visitation and alternative leisure time technologies

GWU Study of International Parks and Visitors (pdf)

Though somewhat dated, this is the last, definitive, coverage of International Visitation to US National Parks.

Impact of International Visitation on DC

This presentation was created by Destination DC, it demostrates the impact of international visitors on DC.

Marketing Trends and Applications

This presenation was created by Destination DC, it presents marketing trends and applications related to tourism.

Yankelovich et al Data on NextGen Travellers

Unique Habits and Preferences of Next Generation Travelers

Forum on Gateway and Tribal Communities: Stimulating Economic Vitality and Resource Conservation in Gateway and Tribal Community

The Western States Tourism Policy Council (WSTPC), Southeast Tourism Society (STS), the American Indian Alaska Native Tourism Association (AIANTA) and key Federal agencies participated in a one-day Policy Forum on Gateway and Tribal Communities in Washington, D.C., held at the U.S. Department of the Interior.



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