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“Let us realize that what happens around us is largely outside our control, but
the way we choose to react to it is inside our control."

-Author Unknown-

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The Office of Tourism’s Key Contacts list is afforded to individuals, groups, or organizations that are interested in becoming a partner or just want to know more about our partnership opportunities. Key contacts include NPS personnel, National Partners, and tourism officials within other federal agencies.  

National Tourism Council (NTC) Member List

The NTC's vision is to provide enjoyment in National Parks by implanting high quality visitor experiences which supports the council’s broad conservation mission through the creation of enduring physical, emotional and intellectual connections to park resources and the American legacy they present.

NPS Park Unit Directory

A listing of park addresses, phone numbers, and superintendents

NPS People and Place Finder

Use this search engine to find an individual, park, office, or center for a list of all employees in that selection.

Other Govenmental Tourism Officials

This is a list of tourism official in various agencies with in the US Govenment.


last modified 2-10-14