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The basic concept of the NPS Tourism Strategy is to use communication with tourism partners to strengthen NPS products and build on new and existing target markets and ensure sustainability of the system's resources through visitor education and strategic planning. The plan seeks to broaden the organization's knowledge of business, management, and sustainable practices, as well as, establish a mutual respect between NPS, the consumer, and partners through facilitating an exchange of information. This exchange will help the organization learn about visitor trends and tools to better enhance the visitor experience. By using this approach, NPS hopes to reach under-served demographics and diversify visitor use while staying within carrying capacity of park units.


The National Tourism Strategy Plan relates to the NPS Management Policies by recognizing the organization’s obligation to manage visitor use so that the resources are not impaired. Specifically, the plan calls for action to appropriately increase visitors by focusing on extending the traditional season. This means that NPS will target the off-season traveler and/or market the off-season as an equally appealing time to visit the park units. The plan's acknowledgment of the NPS management practices in its marketing efforts is key considering unmanaged success of increased utilization could result in the degradation of resources.








Strategic Tourism Plan

The NPS National Tourism Strategic Plan, developed by the National Tourism Council (NTC) has been reviewed and endorsed by the National Leadership Council (NLC). The plan is currently being implemented and monitored by the Naitonal Park Service.