Hooded Skunk

hooded skunk
Hooded Skunk

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Hooded Skunk
Mephitis macroura

Body length: 12 - 16"
Diet: Rodents and insects

Most people have never heard of hooded skunks, and they easily confused with hog-nosed and striped skunks. Look for a white stripe down the center of the nose (which the hog-nosed skunk lacks, but the striped skunk has), and a white back which lacks a black V pattern (the hog-nosed skunk has no V, but the striped skunk does).

Confused? To make matters worse, although this species usually has an all-white back, there is also a variety with an all-black back!

Hooded skunks occur in the US only in southern Arizona, southern New Mexico, and southwestern Texas. They appear to be common in the Monument, and may be the most frequently seen skunk in the Tonto Basin.

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