Great Plains Skink

great plains skink
Great Plains Skink

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Great Plains Skink
Eumeces obsoletus

Body length: 3 1/2 - 5 1/2"
Diet: Insects, spiders, mollusks, and other lizards

Great Plains skinks are easily recognized by their shiny scales and alert, agile appearance. They prefer moist areas, and occur (but are not common) at Tonto National Monument in shaded areas with tall trees, such as in Cave Creek Canyon along the Upper Cliff Dwelling trail.

This species of skink lays up to 12 eggs in late spring. During the one-to-two month incubation period, the females guard their eggs, a somewhat uncommon behavior for a reptile. Young skinks are jet black at hatching, with a bright blue tail. This color fades as they age, and adults are uniformly a less vivid color, usually greenish-brown to gray.

The skink family is very large and widespread - more than 1,000 known species occur. Skinks are found on all continents except Antarctica.

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