NPS Photo

Lynx rufus

Body length: 25 - 30"
Diet: Small mammals (mostly rabbits) and birds

Bobcats are the only cats in Arizona with short tails. They are common and occur throughout the state, though like most cats they are seldom seen. Largely nocturnal, they den in rock crevices and hollow trees and bear litters of two to four kittens, usually in springtime.

As with most cats, bobcats hunt by stealth, often sitting concealed along a game trail, waiting for prey to come to them. Unlike other carnivores such as coyote and bear, which eat fruit and some plant parts, bobcats are almost exclusively meat-eaters. Rabbits are their principal food in most areas, but bobcats are perfectly capable of killing deer with a rapid succession of bites to the throat. Though rarely observed, they probably are found throughout the Monument.

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