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Tonto National Monument is not hosting a Teacher Ranger Teacher in Summer 2017. Please check back in March/ April 2018 for next summer's opportunities.


The Teacher Ranger Teacher (TRT) program is a professional development opportunity for K-12 teachers to spend the summer acquiring new skills in experiential learning through a program provided by a partnership between the National Park Service (NPS) and the University of Colorado Denver (CU Denver). The participants spend between four and six weeks in a NPS unit developing a major educational project and participating in an online graduate course from CU Denver. The goal of the program is to train teachers in the resources and themes of the NPS so that they can return to their schools in the fall and incorporate their new skills into their classroom activities.

Program Goals

Provide teachers with place-based learning experiences
Provide access to the rich resources of the national parks for inclusion into classroom curricula
Provide teachers with new knowledge and skills related to the resources and themes interpreted in the NPS
Provide parks with the expertise of teachers to inform and shape education programs and materials

Program Administration

The TRT program is administered through a Cooperative Ecosystems Studies Unit (CESU) agreement with the University of Colorado Denver. While participating in the program, teachers are considered "student interns" of the university and not employees of the NPS nor CU Denver. Stipends provided to teachers are administered through CU Denver upon their successful completion of both the NPS and CU Denver program requirements. CU Denver will also provide participants IRS tax statements. Participants are responsible for any applicable taxes on the stipend as income.

Expected Level of Effort

Successful completion of the TRT program will equal approximately 240 hours of effort. The actual number of days or weeks that the teacher spends at the monument can be negotiated as long as the program requirements are met by the end of the teacher's experience. TRTs are expected to spend approximately one to two hours each day in online coursework.


The TRT and the monument's TRT program coordinator are required to attend an orientation webinar that outlines the program and lesson plan requirements. Additional training will be provided by monument staff.

Lesson Plan

Each TRT will complete at least one lesson plan to use in the classroom or as an on-site activity in the monument. Lesson plans will be based on NPS resources including scientific data, primary source documents, or NPS produced materials. Lesson plans produced will be included in the online course requirements.

Major Education Project

TRTs will produce a major education project or program as part of the requirements for both the NPS and CU Denver components of the program.

Online Graduate Course

All teachers participating in the TRT program are required to register and complete the online course in Experiential Learning with CU Denver. Tuition for all teachers will be covered by the Washington office of Interpretation, Education, and Volunteers. All graduate course readings, discussion forums and assignments must be fulfilled for the TRT to successfully complete the program and receive the full stipend offered at the end of the program. Following completion of the required course, TRTs may choose to continue their studies with CU Denver online and earn up to six additional graduate credit hours at their own expense resulting in a nine-credit hour graduate certificate in place-based education with CU Denver.

TRT Apparel

The monument will purchase two shirts and one hat with the TRT logo.

Project Agreements

The monument will outline the TRT program requirements on a project agreement form. The project agreement forms will be signed by the TRT, the monument's TRT coordinator, park superintendent, and a school or district administrator.

Program Evaluation Survey

TRTs will be required to complete a course survey administered by CU Denver.

Last updated: April 20, 2017

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