Guest Speakers

Students attending a ranger-led program.
Inviting a ranger to your classroom is a great way to connect your students with Tonto National Monument!

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Preschool - Kindergarten: Park Rangers Like to Help!
Students will be trained as Junior Park Rangers as they explore how park rangers are community helpers and practice helping visitors to National Park sites. 30 minute in-class ranger program

4th Grade: Who's Home at Tonto National Monument?
Students will discover the many different animals living at Tonto National Monument and in the Sonoran Desert by participating in activities to classify animals and identify their defining characteristics and adaptations. 45 min in-class ranger program
Arizona Common Core Standards Met

High School: Building a Life in Tonto Basin
Students will learn about engineering in the prehistoric southwest by exploring how the Salado people built their homes, dug irrigation canals, and engineering their food source (maize corn). 45 min in-class ranger program

All Other Grades:
We offer customized programs for all other grades interested in learning about Tonto National Monument. Please contact us to design your in-classroom program!

To Make a Reservation:

Download and complete the Ranger Program Reservation Form and return the completed form to us. We ask for reservations to be made two weeks in advance.

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Please call if you have any question on Tonto National Monument or the cliff dwellings. Call to check availability and book a guided tour for the Upper Cliff Dwelling (November through April).

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