Timucuan Preserve Audio Tour

Spending a day in the Timucuan Preserve? This audio guide will introduce you to the stories of the people and places of the preserve.

You can download the entire tour as a mp3 file, or download the individual pieces of the tour. Both options are listed below. To save the mp3 files to your computer, right click on the link and choose "Save As."

The complete tour:

Timucuan Preserve Audio Tour (16 MB, mp3)

The tour in sections (good for slower internet connections):

Welcome to the Timucuan Preserve (1.7 MB, mp3)

Fort Caroline National Memorial (1.5 MB, mp3)

France in North America (1.2 MB, mp3)

Native Floridians (.9 MB, mp3)

Theodore Roosevelt Area (1.4 MB, mp3)

The Gift (2.1 MB, mp3)

Kingsley Plantation (1.4 MB, mp3)

Freedom and Slavery Part 1 (1.3 MB, mp3)

Freedom and Slavery Part 2 (1.1 MB, mp3)

Zephaniah Kingsley Treatise Excerpts (1.6 MB, mp3)

Ribault Club (1.4 MB, mp3)

Talbot Islands State Parks (.9 MB, mp3)

Closing Statement (126 KB, mp3)

Additional audio tour of Fort George Island: Saturiwa Trail

Please note, the audio tour above incorporates the audio files found on the "Photos and Multimedia" portions of the Timucuan Preserve website.

There is a separate
audio tour experiance avaliable at Kingsley Plantation.

Last updated: October 21, 2018

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