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Kingsley Plantation was home to hundreds of enslaved men, women, and children when it was a plantation. These activities will help us understand more about what it was like to be a slave child.

Activity #1: Wordfind - This wordfind will introduce to the work done on the plantation and the crops that were grown at Kingsley Plantation.

Activity #2: Finish the Picture - Many of the slave cabins at Kingsley Plantation are in a state of ruin and very fragile. In this activity, you finish drawing a picture of a cabin to make it look like it did when an enslaved family was living in it. This historic photographs show you what the homes looked life over 150 years ago.

Activity #3: Slave Family - Print out the coloring sheet, then read about daily life for slave families. On the back of the color sheet, write one sentence about why life was hard for slave families.

These activities require Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click here to download this free program.

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