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At Fort Caroline, you can learn about the history of the French fort, built here in 1564, and the Timucua Indians, who had lived in this area for hundreds of years before the French or Spanish came to settle in Florida.

Activity #1: Timucua Daily Life - This activity has three parts. Read the information about the Timucua people, print and color the village scene, then label on your picture the text in bold from the information you read (there are 5 things to label).

Activity #2: French Daily Life - This activity explains life at the colony of Fort Caroline. Read the information about the French settlers, print and color the picture of two settlers, then write one thing you learned about the French settlement on the back of your color sheet.

Activity #3: Jacksonville Names - There are many places in Jacksonville that have French names. These names came from the French settlement of Fort Caroline. Match up the name with the description and learn more about Jacksonville history!

Remember - you have to complete 5 activities. There are still 3 more to choose from. Wade suggests you select 1 or 2 from this page!

The activities on this page require Adobe Acrobate Reader. Click here to download this program for free.

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