Anna Kingsley

Anna Kingsley was a woman of courage and determination. She is an example of the active role that people of color played in shaping their own destinies and our country's history in an era of slavery, oppression, and prejudice. She left, however, no personal descriptions of her life. She was not a famous or powerful person who figured prominently in accounts of that era. Today we can find Anna in the official documents of her time and in the historic structures that she inhabited.

Introduction ¦ A Free Woman ¦ "a flare came out" ¦ Move to Fort George Island

Territory and Change ¦ Mayorasgo de Koka ¦ Return to Florida ¦ Conclusion

Click here for a .pdf version of Anna's life story. A lesson plan is also available at For Teachers.

Last updated: April 14, 2015

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