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How the Timucua Grew Plants

Palmetto leaves
The palmetto leaves were used by the Timucua Indians.

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Grade Level:
Third Grade
Agriculture, American Indian History and Culture, Biology: Plants, Botany, Science and Technology
2 Weeks
Group Size:
Up to 36
National/State Standards:


Students will cover science and history in this lesson.  By exploring how plants grow then specifically how the Timucua used seeds and plant life they will connect concepts across subject area.


Students will learn that:

  • Plants grow from seeds
  • Seeds sprout under the right conditions
  • Parts of a seed and their functions
  • Seeds germinate and become seedlings
  • Gravity pulls the root from the seed down
  • The stem of the plant grows toward the light
  • To raise questions that can be tested by doing an investigation
  • To inferences to explain observations
  • To keep records of investigations conducted


This unit lesson uses several worksheets, a K-W-L chart, and Exit Tickets to help students learn.



The teacher will check to be sure that the student is keeping correct records of data of seed growth in their science journal. They are to write down observations and use a table or chart to display measured growth in metric units. After seeds have sprouted have students change the position of the roots or stems in one cup to see if it effects the growth of the plant. Record plant observations for one week.

Students should be able to choose appropriate metric units for measuring length and volume, describe what plants need to grow, describe how plants respond to light and gravity, describe structures of plants, and explain why food is needed for plants to stay alive and grow.

Students will conduct research on the Timucuan people of Northeast Florida. The following website can be used for research:


Students will design a skit or a one act play that highlights how the Timucuan may have traded with French or Spanish explorers/settlers. Their play will have the Timucuan teaching the explorers how to plant a squash or bean seed, how to recognize the parts of the plant, and what the plant requires for growing and developing new plants. The student will be assessed using a content and participation checklist.

Additional Resources

On the following topics: Germination, Growing Plants, Flower Pollination, and Measuring Trees



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Last updated: October 25, 2017