Scattering Ashes in the Park

There is no fee for scattering ashes (cremated remains) in the park, but a permit is required. Fill out and submit a Special Use Permit application (PDF) and be as specific as you can about the location you choose. Attach maps or diagrams if necessary.

If you have any questions or need help filling out your application, please contact Brintton Noah, Special Use Coordinator, at 701 623 4466.

Restrictions & Conditions for Scattering Ashes

  • A permit does not allow you to exclude visitors from the area you have chosen. Consider avoiding places that attract large numbers of visitors.
  • Permits will not be issued for scattering ashes if there is already another public event or special use scheduled at the same time, date, and location.
  • Seasonal conditions (fire danger, standing water, nesting season, road closures, etc.) may influence the park's decision to approve or deny your permit.
  • Activities that may damage park resources are prohibited including digging, driving vehicles off established roads and parking areas, and damaging vegetation.

If your application is approved, you will receive a permit by mail. Your permit is likely to include the following conditions:

  • Cremated remains must be pulverized and scattered.
  • Scattering must result in complete dispersal of ashes so that no obvious piles remain.
  • Cremated remains cannot be deposited within 100 yards of a flowing stream, river or body of water, or within a developed area.
  • No container, urn, or memorial markers of any kind may be left within the boundaries of the park.
  • The permit must be in your possession at the time of the event and rangers may request to review it.

Last updated: May 26, 2021

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