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A Tale of Two Men

Two photos, one of the Marquis de Mores and one of Theodore Roosevelt
The Marquis de Mores (left) and Theodore Roosevelt (right)

State Historical Society of North Dakota and Theodore Roosevelt Center

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Grade Level:
Fourth Grade-Eighth Grade
History, Language Arts, Reading, Social Studies, U.S. Presidents, Writing
1-2 hours
National/State Standards:
RI.4.1; RI.4.4; RI.4.7; RI.4.9; RI.4.10; W.4.1b; W.4.4; W.4.7; W.4.8; W.4.9; W.4.10; L.4.1; L.4.2; L.4.3; L.4.4; L.4.5; L.4.6
Theodore Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt National Park, history, compare and contrast, social studies


Theodore Roosevelt and the Marquis de Mores were wealthy young men brought to Dakota Territory by the allure of the ranching industry. Although their paths crossed only briefly, they would each leave behind a legacy preserved today in western North Dakota. Bring history to life in your classroom as your students compare and contrast these prominent figures of North Dakota history.


Utilizing the strategy of compare and contrast, students will obtain the skills necessary to identify the differences between observation and inference. They will use these skills to analyze two figures in North Dakota history: Theodore Roosevelt and the Marquis de Mores.


Theodore Roosevelt and the Marquis de Mores were born in 1858, and both came to the Dakota Territory in 1883. Roosevelt was a young politician from a wealthy, philanthropic family in New York City. The Marquis was a French aristocrat with an entrepreneurial spirit. They would both have homes built in the Badlands, and both would try (and fail) at the boom-business of ranching. Today, their legacy is preserved in the town of Medora and the national park just north of the town.



The PDF provides several evaluation questions that will require your students to think critically about the information they learned during the activity.

Park Connections

The Chateau de Mores, a North Dakota State Historical Site, and Theodore Roosevelt National Park, are adjacent to one another near the town of Medora. The two men which these sites memorialize are frequently discussed as part of North Dakota social studies/history lessons. Now your students can learn about both men through one simple lesson!


Consider taking a field trip to one or both sites. You can also reference the state website about the Marquis, or use the park website to learn more about Theodore Roosevelt.

You can also take a virtual tour of the Maltese Cross Cabin, where Theodore Roosevelt lived as a rancher in the Dakota Territory during the 1880s.

Additional Resources

This activity focuses on the two men. The buildings which they lived in can be visited today at their respective sites. In lieu of using photos of the two men, you can use photos of their homes in North Dakota to compare and contrast. This file also contains full-page images of Roosevelt and the Marquis.

Supplemental images for Tale of Two Men


biography; entrepreneur; compare and contrast; observation and inference; conservation ethic

Last updated: March 4, 2016