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The Young Naturalist

Theodore Roosevelt around age 11
Theodore Roosevelt around age 11

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Grade Level:
Fourth Grade-Eighth Grade
Conservation, Ecology, Recreation Ecology, Social Studies, Wildlife Biology
National/State Standards:
National Curriculum Standards: 4-LS1; MS-LS1; MS-LS2; ELA standards grades 6-8
natural history, history, President Theodore Roosevelt, Presidential History, outdoor education, conservation history, conservation and outdoor recreation, Conservation, ecology


Theodore Roosevelt’s conservation legacy actually started as a young boy. Learn about the interests of a young Theodore, and experience the joy and fascination of the natural world with your students.


Students will be able to identify an interest of Theodore Roosevelt as a young boy. They will also be able to explain how his boyhood interests influenced his later attitudes towards conservation.


As a young boy, Theodore Roosevelt showed a great fascination with the natural world. He would often collect and document specimens like insects, birds and other small animals, keeping detailed journals of his findings. Roosevelt even started his own natural history museum, and later donated many of his specimens to public museums. This activity will help introduce students to the natural world, and help them make connections between the childhood of Theodore Roosevelt and their own life.



This lesson is designed as a pre-activity to the park's Distance Learning program, Theodore Roosevelt in the Badlands. At this time, the Distance Learning program is not officially advertised on the website. The park may be able to offer the program or supplemental materials if you are interested. Please call 701-623-4466 or email us for more information.


Conservation; Naturalist

Last updated: August 8, 2015