Untitled Cartoon by William H. Walker

Untitled Cartoon by William H. Walker


Theodore Roosevelt is depicted as a frozen bird with several dead birds (representing the states of Maine, New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Ohio, and Connecticut) in the background to illustrate the Republican Gubernatorial losses in 1910.

By 1910 the Republican Party began to split into two factions, the conservatives and the progressives. As the party infighting began to grow, several gubernatorial states which were either traditionally Republican strongholds or highly contested and potential wins were lost. The dead birds in the drawing represent states in which gubernatorial races were lost as a result of party tensions. New York elected John Alden Dix, the first Democratic Governor since 1894. Future US President, Woodrow Wilson became New Jersey's first Democratic Governor since 1892. Maine was Republican for 28 years until Frederick W. Plaisted won in 1910. Eugene Noble Foss, a former Republican, ran on the Democratic ticket, and won the governor's seat in Massachusetts. Although Warren Gamaliel Harding, a popular Republican and future US President ran in Ohio, he lost to Judson Harmon. The Governor's race in Connecticut was closely contested and won by Simeon E. Baldwin, the only Democrat within a 36 year period from 1895 to 1931.

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