Roosevelt in the News

Theodore gives a campaign speech in 1912.
Theodore Roosevelt was a man with much to say. This was particularly evident on the campaign trail where he drew large crowds. Reporters, often at the front of these crowds, were eager to listen and write articles for their newspapers. This photo was taken during Roosevelt's 'Bull Moose' Campaign in 1912.

Click on the links below to see selected articles about the Roosevelts and Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace which have been published in the New York Times. Please note that when selecting the link, you will be redirected to the New York Times website and asked to open the PDF file.

2/11/1878- 'Obituary- Theodore Roosevelt, Sr.'

2/15/1884- 'Theodore Roosevelt's Great Loss'

10/22/1905- 'President Roosevelt's Many New York Homes'

10/12/1910- 'Roosevelt Up in Aeroplane'

1/6/1919- 'Theodore Roosevelt Dies'

1/7/1919- 'Career of Theodore Roosevelt was Part of His Country's History'

2/19/1919- 'Put Frog Under His Hat' (Young T.R. Anecdote)

3/18/1919- 'Roosevelt House Aims' (Museum Proposal)

10/12/1919- 'Women's Memorial to Roosevelt'

3/28/1920- 'Seek Roosevelt Home Fund'

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