John Schrank's Letter on the 'Third Term'

John Schrank's Letter on the 'Third Term'
This letter, found on John Schrank's person after he shot Theodore Roosevelt, alludes to his reason for doing so.



This is a transcript of the letter (written on right page first):

Sept. 15th, 1912.

To the people of the United States

September 15 1901- 1:20 AM. in a dream I saw president McKinley sit up in his coffin. painting at (of) a man in a monk's attire in whom I recognized Ther Roosevelt. The dead president said This is my murderer avenge my death.

To prevent is better than to defend.

Never let a third term party emblem appear on an official ballot

I am willing to die for my country, god has called me to be his instrument

So help me god.

From (unintelligible) Living it infers (?) gott.

Innocent Guilty

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