Tribal Historic Preservation Office Program
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    Tribal Heritage Grants

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Reporting Forms and Grant Requirements

Grantees should meet all of the requirements and conditions outlined in their grant agreement. The Historic Preservation Fund (HPF) Manual (at right), provides detailed guidance on this funding.

Managing Your Grant
Details and important information on how to manage an existing Tribal Heritage Grant can be found in this PowerPoint presentation.

Interim reports are to be submitted every six months. Final reports are due upon completion of the project or 90 days after the end of the second year. All reports must be accompanied by the SF-425 Federal Financial Report.

All payments are made through the Automated Standard Application for Payments (ASAP) operated by the Department of the Treasury. For more information about how to register with ASAP, make a drawdown of awarded funds, or use the system, please see our ASAP information page. To prevent delays in payments, register in ASAP now.

Helpful Excerpts from the HPF Manual

Preagreement Costs

Contracting and Procurement Information