Tribal Historic Preservation Office Grants
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    THPO Grants

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THPO Grant Application

Application Eligibility

Applications for Historic Preservation Funds (HPF) are posted on Grants.Gov each fiscal year. Tribal Historic Preservation Officers (THPOs) must submit an application each year to receive the funds.

The grant program is only open to Tribal Historic Preservation Officers (THPOs) that have signed partnership agreements with the National Park Service to formally assume selected duties of the State Historic Preservation Office on their tribal lands. If your Tribe is not in the program but is interested in becoming a partner please visit the partnership application website or contact the THPO program.

The amount of funding apportioned to each THPO is determined by applying a formula, developed with THPOs, to the total amount of funds appropriated for the program.

The annual application can be accessed on by searching on the CFDA number for the grant program (15.904) and selecting the appropriate grant opportunity, or by searching on the current fiscal year's funding opportunity number.

Preparing to Apply

In order to receive a grant, the applicant must:

Have a Signed THPO Partnership Agreement with the National Park Service

If you are unsure if your Tribe has an existing THPO partnership agreement with the National Park Service, you can search the THPO database of existing partners.

Be Registered with

Please visit the registration site for more information on requirements.

Apply for Funding Following the Program-Specific Instructions

Additional instructions for completing grant application forms can be found in Notice of Funding Opportunity included in the funding opportunity on

Completing the Application

Application requirements change from year to year. Please read through and follow the application instructions included in the Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) which can be downloaded from the application package on under the tab labeled "Related Documents."

Application Signatures
The application contains electronic signature authorization for the THPOs; therefore, no hard copies of the application need to be submitted to NPS.

Application Deadline
The grant opportunity summary on states the last day an application can be submitted. NPS will withdraw its offer of annual funding to Tribes that do not submit an acceptable application by the application deadline.

Application Review
NPS reviews applications submitted through If no errors or problems exist, an application can be processed within a couple days. If there are issues to be addressed, NPS will contact the THPO to resolve the problem(s).

Application Approval
When the application is approved and the grant is processed, NPS emails notification of the approval to the THPO along with a copy of the active grant agreement. Grant funds are placed into the tribe's ASAP grant account within 48 hours of receiving the approval email.

Please note:
Drawing down funds from the tribe's ASAP account constitutes the THPOs acceptance of all terms and conditions of the grant agreement.
In addition to special conditions in each financial assistance award, the Department of the Interior's general terms and conditions also apply to all grants.