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Explore Where the Bison Roam

A bison herd is in a large green prairie field with a cinnamon calf next to a laying down cow.
Bison calf standing next to a laying down bison cow

NPS photo

Explore where the bison roam in Wind Cave National Park. In 2019, 10 bison cows were radio collared to learn how they utilize the 28,000 acres of prairie. Learn how fire, and the changing seasons impact the bison's movements. Drive along park roads to discover which area the herd is utilizing on your visit. Look for signs of recent fire activity or a good water source, indicating a good season of rain.

To discover more of what our park biologist has learned with this project check out this map! 
View bison from afar in their natural habitat.
Pets are not allowed out of vehicles off of roadways to protect the native wildlife.
Entrance fees may apply, see Fees & Passes information.
Bison herds in Wind Cave often prefer the area around NPS 5. 
Bison are around Wind Cave all year long!
Bison can be on roadways at night. Please use caution and obey speed limits when driving through the park. Bison are hard to spot when driving at night due to a lack of eye shine like deer.
Accessibility Information
Bison are often able to be viewed from the comfort of your vehicle. Please ensure you keep a safe distance, at least 25 yards, from bison at all times. Remain in your vehicle if they are close to the road.

Wind Cave National Park

Last updated: August 23, 2021