View Rainbow Canyon

Looking down a colorful canyon with distant desert mountains.

A landscape of dark lava flows and volcanic cinders abruptly gives way to the chasm of Rainbow Canyon below Father Crowley Vista Point. Walk the dirt track east of the parking lot for a grand overlook of northern Panamint Valley. This is an excellent sunset spot!

Low-flight Military Training



Keep your eyes to the sky- the military uses this area for their jet fighter low-flight training throughout the week. There is not a set schedule, so most folks will either get a lucky sighting passing through, or pack a picnic and hang out for a few hours.

To visit safely, respect the safety of our service members, and limit your impact:

  • As a reminder, here and the rest of the park, there is NO DRONE use allowed. 

  • Please park at Father Crowley Vista Point. There are many illegal turnouts that are being created along Highway 190 - this causes damage to the sensitive desert ecosystem and is not a safe place to park!

  • Please pack out your trash - this location is far from a trash dump and taking your trash with you will limit your impact on the park and resources.

Learn more about the R-2508 Air Space Complex!

You may take your pet along roads, to campgrounds, picnic areas, and other developed areas of the park, but they must be restrained or kept on a leash no longer than 6 feet at all times. Other than service animals, pets are not allowed inside most buildings or on trails (including to Zabriskie Point and Harmony Borax Works), but you also can not leave them in your car while you are away. 
Included with entrance fee or acceptable pass.

Last updated: April 21, 2019