Step Back in Time in the Park Museum

The park's museum is home to multiple exquisite examples of prehistoric Hopewellian artwork. Crafted from pieces of locally-found flint and exotic materials found hundreds and thousands of miles away like obsidian and mica, these priceless artifacts offer a glimpse into Hopewell life from two-thousand years ago. From the skillfully crafted copper effigy birds to the minutely-detailed stone effity pipes, these artifacts will leave you in amazement and foster a newfound appreciation for what the Hopewell did in prehistoric times.

Visit the park's Directions page for detailed directions to the park's visitor center and for maps of the local area.

Duration is dependent upon one's level of interest.

All ages, but minors must be with an adult parent or guardian as all of the artifacts on display are priceless and fragile.

Pets are not allowed in the visitor center.

The park's museum is located inside of the visitor center at Mound City Group.  Located on State Route 104, this is the park's only vistor center.

No reservations

Museum is open during regular hours of operation, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.  Visitor center is open daily, but closed on New Year's Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

Accessibility Information

Mound City Group Museum:

  • Restrooms: Located inside, directly across from museum, Men's and Women's both wheelchair accessible with wall-mounted baby changing stations in both.
  • Water: Water fountain located inside visitor center between restrooms and and is wheelchair accessible.
  • Mobility-Impaired: entrances and exits to the museum are wheelchair friendly.
  • For the visual-impaired, print guides with large font are available at the front of the museum.
  • Interactive informational kiosk is wheelchair accessible and screen layout is projected on to a large, high-definition TV for those with visual impairments.  Volume can be adjusted for those with hearing impairments.

Last updated: January 18, 2017