Step Back in Time at the Keane Wonder Mine

A historic wooden tram tower stands atop a hill, with cables stretching down to other tram towers.
Rare! A historic aerial tramway with cables still attached!

NPS photo

Step back in time and experience one of the most unique historical mining sites in Death Valley! In November 2017, the Keane Wonder Mine will be reopening after its closure in 2008. Operating in the early 1900s, the Keane Wonder Mine was one of the most successful gold mines in Death Valley. It now remains as one of the best examples of a historical gold mining operation in the national park. What is truly unique about this site is the well-preserved aerial tramway that still has the cables attached.

Traveling one thousand feet down in one mile, the tramway cars began carrying the valuable gold-containing ore from the mine to the mill in 1907. By 1912, the mine was mostly tapped out and major operations ended. In that time, almost one million dollars in gold was hauled down those cables. Visit the site today and take a look at how this engineering feat was able to move over 70 tons of ore per day down the steep Funeral Mountains.
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Last updated: April 20, 2018