Hike Nauset Marsh Trail

O glowing sun sets behind the silhouette of a line of trees reflecting off of the still surface of a pond.

NPS Photo.

Cape Cod is an ever-changing land. And while deposits of the great glaciers laid the basis of the Cape’s distinctive formation, the ocean, wind, plants, animals, and humans have all contributed to the Cape as you see it now. This process is still evolving, and is most evident in the Nauset Marsh area.

Learn about the cultural and natural history of the area, on this 1.3 mile hike.

For more on the history of Nauset Marsh Trail, and the surrounding area, visit the History and Culture section of this website.
Nauset Marsh Trail is great for all ages and for families. This is a relatively easy trail, with very little elevation change.
Pets are not allowed on the Nauset Marsh Trail at anytime.
There are no fees to hike on any of the trails at Cape Cod National Seashore. If you park at a beach to access the trail system, you may be charged a beach access fee. All other parking is free.
Adjacent to the Salt Pond Visitor Center amphitheater, 50 Nauset Road, off Route 6.
Reservations are not required for any of the trails at Cape Cod national Seashore.
Be prepared for the weather on Cape Cod. Summers are generally hot and humid; fall is usually mild but can be chilly; winters include snow, sleet, rain, cold temperatures, and high winds; and spring is often very rainy, with cold and hot temperatures. Call the Salt Pond Visitor Center at 508-255-3421 for the latest weather information.
Cape Cod National Seashore, and all of the trails located in the seashore boundaries are open from 6:00 am-midnight.
Accessibility Information
Nauset marsh Trail is not a fully accessible trail. It is a gravel and dirt trail with multiple wood rail stairs in several locations. There are not any steep grades along the trail.

Last updated: October 3, 2017