Bicycle the C & O Canal Towpath

a ten-foot wide natural surface path with a white lockhouse on the left and an interpretive wayside panel on the right

NPS photo

Once proposed as a scenic drive, the C & O Canal Towpath within the national historical park is the spine of the PHT network. With a connection to the recently-completed Great Allegheny Passage, the Towpath is increasingly popular for bicycling. Hiking, fishing, birding and boating access to the Potomac River are also popular, and you can reserve a night in one of the historic lockhouse, stay in a nearby town, and find campsites every 5 - 12 miles. Harder to find from the water, but the campsites and lockhouses can also be used by paddlers.
To travel the length of the Towpath, depending on ability, time spent at various towns and historic sites, and conditions. 
Unless entering at Great Falls Tavern area in Potomac, Maryland, and unless staying at campgrounds accessible by motor vehicle. 
Between Georgetown in Washington, DC, and Cumberland, Maryland.

Last updated: April 27, 2018