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Who Lived in Mississippi a Very Long Time Ago?

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Grade Level:
Upper Elementary: Third Grade through Fifth Grade
Social Studies
Lesson Duration:
60 Minutes
Additional Standards:
NCSS Themes: Time, continuity, and change. Culture, and cultural identity.
Thinking Skills:
Applying: Apply an abstract idea in a concrete situation to solve a problem or relate it to a prior experience.


Where did Native Americans come from and why? How did the early people live? What role did the environment play in the lives of these Native American groups? Why did they change their way of life? What were their rituals and practices? What were the similarities in their culture, economy, and government? What where the differences in their culture, economy, and government?


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Through the use of the story maps, teachers and students alike explore all 444 miles of the beloved Trace from their classrooms.


Teachers and students may use ESRI's ArcGIS Online for Organizations -- now available for free for educational use to all K-12 schools through the ESRI-ConnectEd program -- to view the project maps or to create their own.


Maps, GIS, Culture, Nomads, MIgrate, Archeologist, Mounds

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