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Wahi Pana, Nā Mea Makamae (Legendary Places, Cultural Treasures)

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Upper Elementary: Third Grade through Fifth Grade

Archeology helps us learn about the people who lived long before us. It is a journey of discovery for anyone who wants to learn about the past. Get ready for fun, digging and detective work as you learn all about archeology and how to protect our cultural resources!

Materials for Wahi Pana, Nā Mea Makamae include a teacher resource and lesson guide and a variety of student-tested learning materials designed for small-group implementation and large-group sharing. These fun, but challenging activities are designed to help students apply scientific methods as they practice inquiry-learning strategies. These activities introduce a vocabulary rich in scientific discovery including: analysis, observation and inferences, excavation, metric measures, context and comparisons. Students will analyze authentically-replicated Hawaiian artifacts created by a local artisan and then excavate simulation sites using real artifacts discovered in the park. Students will also learn how they can help protect our cultural resources and can even earn a Junior Archeology patch and other awards. Our curriculum is enhanced by our recently published student magazine, Archeology in Hawai`i Volcanoes National Park. This Traveling Trunk supports STEM-based learning.

Note: Have an Archeology Day for your students or have them participate in the activities over a week’s time. It’s your choice!

To borrow the Traveling Trunk or the Pacific Clues video set for your classroom, please email to receive a request form. Materials may be borrowed for up to 10 days and must be picked up from and returned to the park. Materials can not be mailed.




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Last updated: April 22, 2016