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Surviving Zion

bighorn sheep on slickrock

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Grade Level:
Upper Elementary: Third Grade through Fifth Grade
Lesson Duration:
60 Minutes
State Standards:
Utah Core Curriculum
Fourth Grade Science
Standard 5: Objective 1, Objective 2


Activities will help students better understand how adaptations help organisms survive in places such as Zion National Park.


This guide contains background information about how plants and animals adapt to various environment, and directions for six activities that will help students better understand how these adaptations help organisms survive in places such as Zion National park. This guide is specifically designed for fourth grade classrooms, but the activities can be modified for students at other levels.


  • Download and review Surviving Zion Activity Guide
  • Download and print activity materials
  • Gather images, string, sponges, plastic bags, dishes, cups, funnels, tape, paper, pencils, and drawing materials as necessary


Surviving Zion Activity Guide

Download Surviving Zion Activity Guide

What's My Adaptation Activity Materials

Download What's My Adaptation

Plant Detectives Activity Materials

Download Plant Detectives

A Beaver's Tale Activity Materials

Download A Beaver's Tale

Adaptation Auction Activity Materials

Download Adaptation Auction

Interview with a Plant Activity Materials

Download Interview with a Plant

Lesson Hook/Preview

Plants and animals possess unique adaptations that make each well-suited for their particular habitats. Zion National Park is made up of a variety of habitats, each with its own specially adapted plants and animals. The park serves as a sanctuary to a wide variety of plants, animals, and other life (biodiversity).

Different environments present unique challenges and opportunities for plants to survive. Over time, changes that prove beneficial may be passed on to the next generation resulting in adaptations.


Follow suggested procedures within the activity guide.


Glossary available in activity guide.

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