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Learning about Caves

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Upper Elementary: Third Grade through Fifth Grade


Caves are dark, mysterious and packed with wonders to discover! After watching online videos and discussing cave life, students will be able to define what a cave is; define a speleothem and list several that are commonly found in caves; and define trogloxenes, troglophiles, and troglobites.

Park Connections

Wind Cave National Park is open all year and teachers can bring students for regularly scheduled cave tours any time. Teachers may request a program that supports a particular classroom objective for any of the cave tours.  To make a reservation for a cave tour call the park at least 3 weeks in advance at 605-745-4600.  Check the park's website for tour schedules.  The park also features an environmental education program called Connections in late April and early May.  Reservations for this program may be made early in March - call the park for more information. 

Additional Resources

For more information about Wind Cave and the formations in it, visit:



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Last updated: October 6, 2015