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Introducing Eisenhower!

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Grade Level:
Upper Elementary: Third Grade through Fifth Grade
Social Studies
State Standards:
PA Education Standards:
English/Language Arts
1.2.5 A, 1.5.5 B, 1.6.5 D


Students will read a short biography of President Eisenhower. They will then choose three important facts from his life and write a short speech to introduce the President to their PTO as a guest speaker.

Our guest speaker is President Eisenhower.
 The annual President's Day assembly will be taking place this week. The school planning committee has invited President Eisenhower to be the guest speaker for the event. Each student has been asked to introduce the President to the audience of students and parents.

Task 1
Have students reread the overview on President Eisenhower's that you have just read to them and pick out significant facts that they feel the audience would like to know about him. The triangle organizer will help them gather and organize the information they want to use in the introductory speech.

Task 2
Once they have collected their facts, students write their introduction. They will only have one minute to read it to the audience. Because of the time limit, it must be no more that one notebook page long.


Optional Rubric Scoring


1. Introduction has at least three facts about the life of Preesdient Eisenhower. It is written in paragraph form with no spelling or punctutation errors. A topic and closing sentence are included. Handwriting is legible.


2. Introduction has at least three facts about President Eisenhower. Paragraph form is not evident. There are some spelling and punctuation errors but the paragraph is still readable. Handwriting is legible.


1. Introduction has less than three facts about President Eisenhower. Spelling and punctuation errors make the introduction difficult to read. Handwriting is legible.


NSR. Response is illegible and has numerous errors and omissions.



Includes background reading on Eisenhower and brainstorming/drafting templates.

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Last updated: July 21, 2015