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Critters, Climate, and Cover Traveling Trunk

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Grade Level:
Upper Elementary: Third Grade through Fifth Grade
State Standards:
AZ Standards - S1-C2-PO3, S1-C2-PO4, S1-C2-PO5, S3-C1-PO2, S3-C1-PO1, S3-C2-PO6, S4-C4-PO2, S4-C4-PO1, S4-C3-PO1


The purpose of the Traveling Trunk program is to “provide opportunities to experience” and “foster…understanding and appreciation of park resources” within the classroom amongst students and teachers from Arizona, surrounding states, and throughout the continental United States. This curriculum-based program was developed by park rangers and educators to meet both the needs of the park and educators.

The lessons included in the Traveling Trunks center around the natural and cultural resources found in the park. Lessons are aligned with Arizona Academic Content Standards of Science with some Social Studies. If you do not live in Arizona, you can cross reference the Arizona standards listed in each lesson with your specific state’s standards.


Critters, Climate, and Cover Theme
The Petrified Forest National Park protects some of the largest expanses of grassland prairie in Arizona. The grassland environment has a surprisingly diverse population of different types of animals adapted to survive in the harsh environment. Many of these animals have developed behaviors that allow them to thrive with little water and dramatic temperature ranges. The lessons and activites in this trunk focus on the ecology in Petrified Forest and the adaptations of these plants and animals.  

The trunks can be borrowed for up to three weeks. The cost of the trunk is only the return shipping cost back to the park via USPS, FedEx or UPS. You can estimate that cost with the information below.

Trunk weight: 45 lbs
Dimensions: L-32inches, H-15inches, W18 inches
Zip Code: 86028

To request this trunk call the education coordinator at (928)-524-6228 x264


This document consists of lesson plans and material lists. This document is also included in a binder in the trunk.

Download Critters, Climate, and Cover Traveling Trunks Teacher's Guide

Last updated: March 24, 2018